Firefighter Arrested!

CP-trading firefighter Jace Penner arrested for 20 counts of child porn

Although Jace Penner (age 21 when caught in Murray, KY) propped up a convincing facade as a hero firefighter who saves others, looks were deceiving. Secretly, he was living a dark life trading CP of real kids who live in suffering.

Daddy-Daughter Pred Arrested!

Adam Harris Indicted and Charged with Multiple Counts

This nasty daddy-daughter pred has been charged with molesting his stepdaughter -after her unhinged mother forced her to read his chats live on camera during the catch. He's been charged with 2 counts of rape (1st degree), 2 counts of sodomy (1st degree), and 5 counts of production of child porn. Your support puts monsters like Harris away!

Movie Theater Pred Arrested!

Conner Alden Stars In His Own Reality Show Nightmare

In May of 2022 in Muskogee, OK, Conner Alden decided to steal the virginity of a vulnerable 11-year-old in a dark movie theater. But Conner didn’t know he was about to meet Predator Poachers and star in the reality show of his nightmares! Shall we call his show Conner Gets Conned?

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